Success Story: Thinking Outside the Box for a Handier Mobile Experience

Challenge: A retailer’s mobile presence didn’t pack the punch of its in-store experience

A nationwide retail chain couldn’t contain itself any longer: it realized that its mobile app was boxing the retailer into a corner. Customers were hampered by the app’s lack of responsive enhancements for phones and tablets, text that appeared too small and difficult to read, and navigation that was incompatible with touch devices. The retailer needed to shelve the cluttered app and, in its place, provide customers with a responsive and consistent user experience across all platforms.

Recommendation: Organize a full mobile redesign and updates to key features

projekt202’s team of designers and developers wireframed each section of the client’s existing mobile app. A visual design was presented to the retailer in the form of clickable prototypes, the frames of reference for projekt202’s developers to build the application. Developers also improved the app’s default font size to make text more legible, increased the size of the navigation buttons and redesigned menus for touch devices.

The projekt202 team made updates to the shopping section, where all filters, categories and product detail pages were overhauled to be more user-friendly. In addition, the wish list feature was redesigned so consumers could readily and conveniently access their favorite or saved items from any device.

Results: Exceeding the goal for reaching shoppers on mobile devices, with a mention in Forbes for Best Mobile Site Performance

A primary goal for the retailer was to boost the percentage of customers shopping from mobile devices, which previously stood at a rate of 0.1 to 0.375 percent. After projekt202 wrapped up its responsive redesign, the conversion rate surpassed that goal, rising to 0.45 percent. The increased rate of conversion meant more value to the retailer’s bottom line and the overall result was an accessible, better-organized and more user-friendly shopping experience.

In addition, Forbes cited the retailer for having the best mobile site performance, with a high score of 88 out of 100. These findings were based on a survey of 300 websites and mobile sites during the hectic holiday season. Companies were scored against 200 best practices, with criteria that included social media integration, contextual help including live chat and mobile optimization.