projekt202's Audra Lowe Named to YouEarnedIt List of Most Recognized Employees

projekt202 Dallas Office Manager Audra Lowe
projekt202 Dallas Office Manager Audra Lowe

Audra Lowe, projekt202's Dallas Office Manager, was recently named one of YouEarnedIt's Most Recognized Employees across its tens of thousands of users and participating global companies.

YouEarnedIt (YEI) is an employee engagement platform that encourages team members to publicly recognize their outstanding co-workers. Along with the kudos, staffers can award YEI points to their peers, which employees can redeem for rewards ranging from merchandise to support of local non-profit organizations.

The YEI program drives teamwork and performance to advance the strategic goals of companies such as projekt202 that use the employee platform.

For Audra, Office Manager is one of many hats that she wears at projekt202. Here are a few of the abundant accolades that projekt202ers have shared about Audra and her work:

"Thank you, Audra, for all you do for everyone!"

"Whatever your question, Audra is the answer."


"Audra, you are an awesome office manager and I appreciate all that you do for us here at projekt202!"

"Working with you is the best! Thank you for everything you do!"


"Your smile and 'can-do attitude' help make the Dallas office a place I enjoy coming to work everyday."


"You're the bright spot in many days... for everyone here!"

"What could I possibly add about how amazing Audra is? Since basic words have all been said, I guess I have to use a simile: Audra is like when happiness rides into the office on a unicorn that is leaving a rainbow in its wake."

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