projekt202 Sponsors 1st Austin Design Week Nov. 7-11

As a leader and supporter of our tech community, projekt202 is proud to sponsor the inaugural Austin Design Week on Nov. 7-11.

A celebration of Austin's creative economy, the 2016 event showcases the best in visual, interactive, product, industrial, architectural and civic design.

projekt202 will play an active part in the 1st Austin Design Week. In addition to serving as Gold Sponsor, projekt202 will host a studio tour, UX Designer Adam Zeiner will participate in a panel on best practices for building design systems and Experience Researcher Jannis Hegenwald will lead a workshop on business strategy for designers.

"Being involved in Austin's UX design community is important to projekt202, because we have a lot of experience to share," said projekt202's Vice President of User Experience Mike Blakesley. "We want to give back to our community by providing experienced insights to students and professionals new to the industry. We're also energized by the enthusiasm and fresh perspectives of new talent that we get introduced to, thanks to Austin Design Week and General Assembly."

General Assembly (GA) is widely regarded as a pioneer in education and occupational transformation through training, staffing and career transitions. projekt202 has been involved with GA's Austin branch through support of portfolio reviews, mock interviews and graduate showcases, useful steps in training the next generation of UX design professionals.

"We hope participants get a sense of the different ways that UX design teams operate, so they have a clearer idea of what type of organization is right for them in their careers," Blakesley said. "We also hope participants of Austin Design Week get a chance to make connections that lead to internships and career opportunities."

See the full schedule of Austin Design Week events, workshops and more.

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