projekt202 podcast: Surveying Austin's Leading-Edge Tech Landscape

"We have a really strong commitment to the development community. We want to be as active as we can, not only so that we're able to attract and retain really good talent here at projekt202, but also to help buoy the community at large."

projekt202 VP of Technology Paul Tidwell
projekt202 VP of Technology Paul Tidwell

In this new podcast, projekt202 Vice President of Technology Paul Tidwell takes a look at the current state of Austin's tech scene. He also discusses key industry conferences, such as Front Porch, and projekt202's community involvement with Spirit Reins, a local nonprofit that serves children and families affected by trauma.

Among the highlights in Paul’s podcast:

  • "Austin is very startup-friendly, so we don't have any trouble as a community staying on the leading edge ... That's a pretty exciting environment to be in. It keeps companies really progressive, thinking about new and better ways to deliver software solutions to the market."
  • "We really help people make those first steps with confidence. We provide extra value in bringing a lot of experience around choosing the right frameworks ... bringing value in the careful consideration of how technology is an enabler for business and how it fits into your IT landscape."
  • "We underwrote [the Front Porch Conference] and used it as an opportunity to reach out to our network of developers, our friends in the community, and provide an environment for people to get together and learn."

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