projekt202 podcast: Providing Context and Direction for Team Success

"By starting with research, you're able to aim correctly in a direction that you know is going to be productive, and that you know resonates with people because you went out, you talked to people, you observed people, and you used behavioral science techniques to figure out what they actually wanted."

projekt202 Chief Technology Officer Rob Pierry
projekt202 Chief Technology Officer Rob Pierry

In this new podcast with projekt202’s Chief Technology Officer, Rob Pierry shares his perspectives on the importance of keeping the right context and communications alive throughout the course of a development project.

As Rob discusses, this key business practice can create a dynamic team committed to solving problems, rather than one that's content with merely taking orders.

Among the highlights in Rob's podcast:

-- "Agile is really good at helping you make small, incremental corrections to the direction that you're traveling in, but if you set off in the wrong direction in the first place, it's going to take you a long time to get all the way back to the true, productive direction that resonates in the market."

-- "You really have to be honest with yourself about what kind of organization you are, and really what kind of team you're looking for, because if you set out and try to recruit a team of problem-solvers, and then you put them in an order-taking kind of mode, they're going to leave. They're not going to be happy."

-- "I think [culture is] one of the most important things as far as building effective teams ... the rewards for getting it right are obviously huge."

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