projekt202 podcast: A Visionary Approach to Digital Transformation, Part 2

projekt202 Digital Transformation Officer Kevin Green
projekt202 Digital Transformation Officer Kevin Green

projekt202's Kevin Green continues his look at digital transformation and how it's helping companies evolve and grow their business.

Highlights from Kevin's digital transformation podcast:

  • "With all the rhetoric out there about being disrupted, I don't think that most CEOs are overly concerned about being disrupted. I think inherent in their nature is the need to find a way to continue to grow the business."
  • "You have to find a way to look at the five steps that are happening before your prospect becomes a customer and the five things that they're doing after they're a customer ... The person who continues to expand and finds the right opportunities to engage earlier is the one who is going to impact the customer buying decision at the right point."
  • "The biggest point I try to drive home with folks is, You're focused on getting them to make a decision to buy your product, but somebody else is focused on 'How do I get them to do or take an action that I want them to do that will result in their need for a product? When they have a need, because I inspired them, they are more likely to purchase.'"

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