projekt202 podcast: A Visionary Approach to Digital Transformation, Part 1

projekt202 Digital Transformation Officer Kevin Green
projekt202 Digital Transformation Officer Kevin Green

In this new podcast, projekt202 Digital Transformation Officer Kevin Green takes an expert look at the ways companies like GE, Under Armour and IBM are successfully expanding their visions and transforming their business models to fully engage more customers.

Among the highlights in Kevin's digital transformation discussion:

  • "Digital transformation is ... really taking a visionary approach and looking at how you improve the overall customer experience and create a new model for engaging and connecting with current customers and prospects."
  • "They really are opening up markets and expanding the role that they play in customers' lives."
  • "They were very smart and said 'Let's move some things out of the model that doesn't align with our vision of where the company is going to be.' They've done a really great job in re-envisioning and re-imagining themselves into this new company."

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