projekt202 Designer Elects to Serve as Voter Registrar


At the recent Big Design Conference in Dallas, projekt202 Senior UX Designer Charlie Trotter served double duty, as both a presenter and registrar.

Providing on-site registration of a different sort, Charlie helped eligible attendees officially register to vote in the upcoming elections. Over the course of the tech conference, Charlie and fellow Senior UX Designer Kim Harris signed up 22 new voters.

The initiative was a personal project to help people get involved in the electoral process and their communities.

"Several projekt202ers -- Kim Harris, Carly Lord, Lindsey Norman, Pia Anderson and Scott Elfstrom --offered their personal financial support to help pay for the banner and booth fees at two of the three events scheduled," Charlie said. "Kim also decided to join me in becoming a Volunteer Deputy Registrar so we could cover registering people in three different counties at the conference."

To vote in the November 2016 general elections, the last day to submit a registration form is Oct. 11. You can check your voter registration status and poll location online.

"Especially this year, the main thing I tell people is, even if you don’t like anyone on the ballot for president, there will be other local items of interest to you," Charlie said. "For example, if they wanted to run a monorail through your neighborhood, you’d want a chance to vote 'no' on that -- or 'yes,' to each their own. More issues than the presidency will be decided on Nov. 8."

Get more information on voting and the November elections

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