projekt202 CEO podcast: Here's the Key to Gaining Powerful Customer Insights to Improve Your Business

“Our methodology, which is based on the observation of people in context, is all about gaining as much insight as we possibly can into a customer or user ... to help companies improve the experience that those customers or individual users are having."

projekt202 Chairman and CEO David Lancashire
projekt202 Chairman and CEO David Lancashire

In this new podcast, projekt202 Chairman and CEO David Lancashire discusses the methodology behind qualitative research, and the power of observations that reveal customers' wants, needs and emotional connections with a company's products, services or brand.

Among the highlights in David’s podcast:

-- "There's another lens, a lens that's less well-known, that's based on the observation of customers, in their real experiences, interacting with these companies ... When we think about customer experience strategy, we think about adding one further lens, another dimension to this understanding of the customer."

—“There are actually programs available to you today that can deliver this insight for you so that you can take actions to improve the experiences that you are delivering to your customers. That's going to begin by an understanding of your customer journey."

-- "We've got something we can bring to this particular party that's very, very powerful, and will actually save you time and money in defining what the specific experience enhancement should be. The work we're doing should be incorporated into the very beginning of a company's customer experience strategy initiative."

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