Evolving from Customer Engagement to Customer Experience


By Kevin Green
Digital Transformation Officer

Marketing has faced a significant transformation over the past decade. What initially started out as driving awareness and capturing attention has evolved into ensuring that the audience not only consumed, but engaged with the message. Customer Engagement gave rise to the data-driven marketer and empowered the marketing department to begin the transition from a cost center to a revenue generator.

As brands adopted social, mobile and content marketing, a new journey to engagement was defined, measurable and complex. It wasn’t simply the addition of new channels, or even integrating new channels with existing channels; it was a wholesale shift that required new talent, processes and a significant amount of technology. For most, success with Customer Engagement is still elusive and derailing innovation.

Customer Engagement Marketing gave rise to DSPs, DMPs, DCOs, Systems of Record and countless other technologies designed to provide better customer insight at blazing fast speeds. Marketers can now target specific individuals, remarket to browsing prospects and dynamically create the perfect message, for the perfect person at the perfect time.

In theory.

For most marketers, the 1-to-1 promise and “right place, right time, right message” opportunity has been a challenge to scale as they eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. What was once viewed as a differentiator in the marketplace could actually create a new avenue for customer complaints, as the inability to scale engagement starts to leave customers out of the dialogue.

Customer Experience-Driven Marketing empowers the marketing organization to look beyond awareness and engagement to truly build a relationship with customers. Not simply “listening” for when things don’t go as planned, but identifying opportunities in the expanded customer journey to anticipate issues, mitigate risks and foster an empathetic relationship.

Combining Customer Experience-Driven Marketing with traditional Awareness and Engagement marketing initiatives expands your concept of the customer journey, and creates new opportunities for innovation that can increase revenue, create new markets and eliminate redundant costs in technology and media.

“Brand Love” is often given through one simple experience. Years ago, that could have been simply making a mass audience laugh or cry. More recently, just being heard, recognized and acknowledged could make a bad situation an opportunity. To differentiate in the future, Marketers will need to create those experiences, not to simply engage, but to anticipate and accompany every customer along every step of the journey together.

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