Developing the Next Generation of UX Designers

At projekt202, we are broad-minded and passionate about building better experiences for people everywhere. That involves an active commitment to supporting and developing outstanding team members across our organization. As part of that mission, we are proud to work with schools, universities and business groups throughout our tech communities to foster education, career development and growth.

"It makes smart business sense for companies to implement an intern program that provides a true-to-life example of what it would be like to assume that role full-time," Karen King, projekt202's Vice President of Talent Management, said. "The intern program also expands our access to top candidates that we can grow and develop. Our desire is to expose our interns to the world of consulting and the unique culture of projekt202 in a way that makes us their Employer of Choice at graduation time."

In this article, KristiMuse shares her perspective on being part of projekt202's internship program. Kristi studied and attained her UX Design/Graphic Design certificates at Southern Methodist University after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Global Business at The University of Texas at Dallas.

A Day in the Life of a projekt202 Intern

“Wow, I did not see this coming.”

That was my first expression when starting my internship at projekt202. It is not a bad saying, but more of a mind-blown notion of what was to come for the next two months.

My first week as a UX Design Intern flew by so fast. I was attaining so much information that my brain felt like it was on information overload. Learning the projekt202 methodology that brings in tight integration and mutual respect -- as well as the Agile processes that our team implements -- opened my eyes to the world of design and development. After the information overload, I was excited about getting down to business.

I’m sure you’re curious what an intern at projekt202 does on a typical workday. I would say that people at projekt202 don’t assume an intern to be an intern. Everyone here treats me like I’m an actual designer and not an intern that hands off coffee during every meeting. Every repeated opportunity that I encounter allows me to add my ideas and advice on a project. I am given the chance to learn and create designs, as well as observe and mingle with other designers to understand how they work and adopt some of their skillsets.

The best thing about being an intern at projekt202 is that I actually feel like I am part of the team to help contribute to a design problem.

My first design Agile meeting with my teammates was very rewarding. The feeling of being able to contribute to the team even though being fairly new to the office was indescribable.

I love to indulge myself into collab labs, UX design meetings and team Agile meetings. Aside from the meetings, I also contribute and help the designers.

Every day is different. There’s always something to do and there’s always an ongoing project to take part in. I really feel like I became an integral part of projekt202 and am super-excited about what’s to come after my internship.

Let me say that everyone is super-friendly and nice. Meeting new coworkers is a fun experience and it makes working at the office way better.

Kristi's story doesn't end there. In fact, it's just the beginning. We're proud to share that -- since originally writing this article -- Kristi has joined our Dallas team as a full-time Production Designer.

Heath Stallings, Director of User Experience, said, "Her amazing attitude, solid work ethic and attention to detail made it clear to us that Kristi has what it takes to be part of the projekt202 family."

Every team needs a creative Muse. Welcome aboard, Kristi!

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