Career Growth: Investing in Employee Success

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projekt202 Project Coordinator Carly Lord
projekt202 Project Coordinator Carly Lord

Project Coordinator Carly Lord describes her career path and responsibilities at projekt202:

I started at projekt202 as the Dallas Office Manager. From there, I became involved in the Experience Strategy and Insight (ESI) practice by assisting in the creation and operation of our Usability Lab in Dallas.

Exposure to projects that came through the lab led me to recognize an opportunity within the Project Management practice. Leveraging my skill set and background, I was promoted to a Project Coordinator, where I have been busy every hour of every day since.

In any of the roles I've held at projekt202, I've worked very hard to be the person that people come to in order to solve miscellaneous problems. When you are mortar and not so much a brick, you end up with a wide range of responsibilities that puts you in the face of many diverse challenges.

To be successful, you have to be transparent, kind and proactive. If you do all those things, there is no such thing as a challenge.

projekt202 has invested in me with trainings, certification classes and mentorship opportunities. They have put their belief in me to be accountable for the success of a client's investment and satisfaction with their experience at projekt202. That kind of investment and confidence is something I'm grateful for every day.

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