projekt202’s Growth Driven by Global Demand for Better User Experiences

Vendor spotlight from leading analyst firm highlights projekt202’s proven methodology

DALLAS, TEXAS – May 28, 2015 – projekt202, a leader in experience-driven application development, today announced another year of outstanding growth. Over the last 12 months, projekt202’s revenue has increased by 66 percent while profits soared 162 percent from the previous year.

The company attributes this growth to the fact that global businesses now need to address sub-par user experiences. This issue has become even more important as organizations assess individual user experiences in the context of an overall set of touch points that drive a customer’s experience of their brand.

projekt202’s proprietary methodology for building compelling applications is also the focus of the newly released IDC Vendor Spotlight, sponsored by projekt202, entitled “Building Experience-Driven Software: Insights for Modern Application Development,” by Al Hilwa, program director, Application Development Software Research, IDC.

“Delivering better user experiences is increasingly becoming the competitive differentiator yet many corporations are still struggling to find a proven methodology for success,” said Hilwa. “Practices highlighted in the vendor spotlight provide clear guidelines and repeatable processes that go beyond traditional development approaches.”

“Pent up demand for better experiences is creating a new conundrum for corporate America. They’re looking for a panacea for user experience issues, but it doesn’t exist,” said David Lancashire, Chairman and CEO, projekt202. “You can’t just sprinkle user experience talent like magic fairy dust on application development projects and expect great results. The key is focusing creative talent on the right opportunities. Our trustworthy and programmatic approach ensures that this happens.”

“The effective methodology developed and employed by projekt202 in its countless successful projects is thoughtful and innovative in the ways it modifies and augments the most popular agile methodologies,” stated the Vendor Spotlight from IDC. “The projects the company has worked on reveal a breadth of applicability of methodology that goes substantially beyond the reach of traditional application development approaches practiced elsewhere in the professional services industry.”

Copies of the IDC Vendor Spotlight are available for download at IDC Vendor Spotlight.

About projekt202

projekt202 is the world leader in applying design research to the development of mobile, cloud, web, and workplace software. The company is actively changing the way people interact with technology around the world. Recognized for setting the standard for the way modern businesses develop software, projekt202 builds emotionally rich and intuitive solutions that enable customers and end users to access the full potential of technology in today’s connected world.

projekt202 has spent more than a decade creating and bringing to market compelling experiences through experience strategy and design research, interaction and visual design, application development, and digital marketing. Clients include Samsung, eBay, Neiman Marcus, PayPal, Mercedes-Benz, Southwest Airlines, and more. For more information, visit or find us on Twitter, @projekt202.