projekt202 Launches State-of-the-Art Usability Testing Lab for Major Markets

DALLAS – projekt202, the world’s leader in experience-driven application development, has unveiled another state-of-the-art Usability Testing Lab, this time at its flagship Dallas location. One of only a few in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Usability Testing Lab allows projekt202’s integrated team of experience researchers, user experience designers and developers to test concepts, prototypes and finished applications to ensure that web and mobile solutions are truly usable by the people who will engage with them.

projekt202’s Usability Testing Lab stands out from others thanks to its ability to be utilized as a stand-alone lab or as part of a larger experience strategy, design and development engagement. The multifaceted capabilities of the lab empower projekt202 to continually evaluate all software and design solutions from a customer perspective.

“The Usability Testing Lab is very tangible evidence of our commitment to delivering better experiences for technology users everywhere,” said Joe Dyer, projekt202 Director of Experience Strategy and Design Research. “We look forward to putting this lab to great use as we continue to gain insights that allow us to create unrivaled experiences for our clients.”

The lab includes a testing room for participants who are trying out solutions and facilitators who are leading the tests, as well as an observation room for clients, key stakeholders and other project team members. The testing room is equipped for mobile, tablet and desktop testing, and features multiple remote-controlled cameras that provide various viewing angles. In the observation room, large monitor displays and ample whiteboard space facilitate easy viewing while simultaneously allowing for creative brainstorming sessions based on real-time feedback. The lab can record all aspects of the testing session, including the device screen, and participants’ interactions and facial expressions, as well as all conversations between participants and facilitators. Furthermore, the lab has the ability to live-stream sessions to remote team members.

“The Usability Testing Lab is a means of fostering even more collaboration with our clients, so they can have a first-hand view of how people experience applications,” said Aliza Gold, Vice President of Experience Strategy and Design Research. “We have found that the Usability Testing Lab is another great way for our clients to get closer to their customers’ real needs, aspirations and emotional connection points, as the secret to true understanding begins with observation.”