Reading Vogue for the Articles

The big Vogue profile of Jony Ive made the rounds recently and you’ve likely already seen it. But I’d like to call your attention to a passage that resonated with me.

In 1985 … Jony Ive was in design school in England, struggling with computers, blaming himself. “Isn’t that curious?” he says now. “Because if you tasted some food that you didn’t think tasted right, you would assume that the food was wrong. But for some reason, it’s part of the human condition that if we struggle to use something, we assume that the problem resides with us.” [emphasis mine]

Empathy is one of the pillars at projekt 202 and the above quote humanizes one of software (if not all of) design’s biggest challenges.

Read Robert Sullivan’s full profile of Jony Ive at Vogue.