Historic “ASCII Art” Made with a Monotype Machine

Image from British Pathé via Ralf Herrmann

Image from British Pathé via Ralf Herrmann

ASCII made from lead? Splendid!

—Thanks to Derek Rosenstrauch

10 Usability Heuristics Explained

Image by Craft Design

Jakob Nielsen developed the method of ‘Heuristic Evaluation’ to help identify problems with an interface. This presentation explains the 10 heuristics using real-world examples.

—Thanks to Stori Walker

Nomiku—The Most Powerful and Compact Sous Vide Immersion Circulator in the World

Image by Nomiku

Nomiku dazzles diners with sous vide creations, cooking vacuum-sealed food in a controlled low-temperature water bath that yields perfect results every single time. Fancy high-end culinary techniques made accessible by a simple and easy-to-use design. Sous vide may sound complicated, but it’s all about exact temperature control. Nomiku is powered with the bleeding edge in WiFi technology. Couple the Nomiku with the new Tender iOS/Android app, and you’ll have your very own sous chef at your fingertips.

—Thanks to Oscar Tellez

A Net Designed to Save Fish and Fishermen

Photo by SafetyNet

Adding LED lights to fishing nets that double as a means of escape for smaller fish could potentially bring innovation and sustainability to the industry. The SafetyNet is a new trawling system that could help cut down on the catch and subsequent discarding of juvenile and endangered fish. By exploiting fish behavioral habits and physiology the trawl separates different species and ages of fish. The goal is to use SafetyNet devices in conjunction with legislation to help tackle the issues of bycatch and discarding.

—Thanks to Dennis Van Huffel

Keynote Does Material Design

Don’t doubt the power of Keynote—though just a presentation tool, it has quite a bit of power under the hood. Watch this video cop nearly all the moves from Google’s promotional Material Design video, using only Keynote.

—Thanks to Jannis Hegenwald

Google Ventures’ 6-Step Design Process: How We Revamped Our Entire Product in Less Than a Week

Photo by DataFox

Design better, faster? DataFox delineates Google Ventures’ six steps to user experience design, and how it helped the company redesign their product.

—Thanks to Chip Wilson

Product Strategy Means Saying No

Image by Des Traynor

If you’re building a product, you have to be great at saying no. Not “maybe” or “later”. The only word is no. Building a great product isn’t about creating tons of tactically useful features which are tangentially related. It’s about delivering a cohesive product with well defined parameters.

—Thanks to Jared Christensen

Front Porch: Front-End Web Development Conference

Image by Front Porch

Image by Front Porch

Front Porch, a conference on front-end web technologies, is coming to Dallas this October. Its focus is on web technologies, tools and workflows, and best practices for a faster, better web. This year features three of our own p202’ers—Matt Baxter, Lindsey Norman, and Chris Williams.

—Thanks to Chris Williams

David Kelley of IDEO Talks “Design Thinking” on 60 Minutes

Photo by TED

Great designers must have empathy!

—Thanks to Michelle Trudo