A Dieter Rams Radio, in an App

Image by motionpixels.co
Image by motionpixels.co

Image by motionpixels.co

Inspired by Dieter Rams’ iconic T3 radio from the 60s, this app is made to appeal to design lovers. Creator of the T3 app Eder Rengifodid not envision it as a substitute for your built-in iPhone player, but rather as a handsome and streamlined addition to it. The simplicity of the controls and just a few essentials beautifully put together.

—Thanks to Oscar Tellez

Viewport Sized Typography

Image by Chris Coyler
Image by Chris Coyler

Image by Chris Coyler

The latest CSS specification includes three new viewport-based selectors for coupling element sizes like fonts to the size of the browser window. Chris Coyler explains some of the uses of these new tags, as well as bugs and workarounds to expect.

—Thanks to Andy Riley

Infographics of a Year in the Life of Nicholas Felton

For nearly a decade, designer Nicholas Felton has tracked his interests, locations, and the myriad beginnings and ends that make up a life in a series of sumptuously designed “annual reports.” The upcoming edition, looking back at 2013, uses 94,824 data points: 44,041 texts, 31,769 emails, 12,464 interpersonal conversations, 4,511 Facebook status updates, 1,719 articles of snail mail, and assorted notes to tell the tale of a year that started with his departure from Facebook and ended with the release of his app, called Reporter.

—Thanks to Stephanie Walker

Applying Architecture to Product Design, Lesson 1—Circulation

Part one of a series that finds the common ground between architecture and product design, this article focuses on the concept of circulation—the architectural systems that allow people to navigate within structures. Percolate’s Melissa Mandelbaum examines the navigational needs of both physical structures and software, and suggests applying strategies from one domain to another.

—Thanks to Chris Williams

Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New Image-Stabilizing App

Instagram’s new standalone video app puts a small Steadicam system in your iPhone . The app uses information from the phone’s gyroscope to reverse-engineer and strip away any movement and shakiness in a video, resulting in film-like tracking shots. Hyperlapse packages its powerful functionality in a slim, focused UI design.

—Thanks to Mike Townson

Audio Is Expanding the Internet

Photo by Danielle Reid
Photo by Danielle Reid

Video, images, and animation—the tech world often focuses on the visual side of things. This article looks past the visual and delves into the ways audio has been quietly advancing in UX spaces, from providing hands-free control systems to adding personality to user interfaces.

—Thanks to Alan Koda

Windowless Travel in the Private Jet of the Future

Image by Spike Aerospace

Rethinking the inner space of jet planes, Boston engineering firm Spike Aerospace has built a concept that replaces the typical miniscule oval windows with a full 360-degree wraparound view of the outside of the plane. By lining the interior walls with displays, they not only provide a breathtaking view of the environment but also reduce the weight and complexity of the plane’s fuselage. The firm’s design is powered by exterior solar panels, reducing its carbon footprint.

—Thanks to Dennis Van Huffel