How Google Glass Will Change Social Media As We Know it

We at projekt202 were lucky enough to score a spot on the Google Glass Explorer Program. With just a few hours of tinkering and exploration, it gradually became apparent that Glass will be a game changer for social media.

Not only does Google put its own social networking channel Google + in the forefront, it also recognizes the people power of and leverages Twitter and Facebook (both are integrated into the sharing feature of Glass). All the other big time players like Instagram, Foursquare, and LinkedIn will eventually need to adopt and change with this new technology. Social media as we know it will evolve.

What will this look like? Will the social giants create their own devices? Will we have Google + feeds all over the place? What about location-based incentives just for Glass wearers?
There are many digital marketers, developers, and business professionals already speculating on the technology’s ramifications for the internet industry. The hands-off camera and video capability of Google Glass alone will break records on YouTube, Pinterest, and other image and video channels. Real-time reporting, documentation, and news through Glass could change PR forever. UX’ers and designers will have a new platform to work with – how do you convey great design across something so small and transparent?

There’s no doubt that Google Glass will impact all niches of digital world: social networking, marketing, design, and public relations. We’ll just have to see if the world fully adopts it.