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Creating the Possible.
Crafting the Undeniable.
The projekt202 Experience.

We’re a team of passionate and creative experts dedicated to delivering meaningful experiences for our clients.

We understand that, collectively, we’re so much more than our work—and so are you. Our main goal is providing you with better experiences, creating innovative solutions, and helping you leave a lasting impact. That involves research, technical know-how, and intentional, innovative design.

Together, we can deliver powerful experiences that drive revenue, increase customer retention, and expand your possibilities. It’s time to create something meaningful for the people that matter most: your customers, your workforce, and you.

Purposeful. Intentional. Action-driven.

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People-first solutions. People-first culture.

For people, by people

We’re a team of passionate coworkers, leaders, and innovators who build solutions for people. At the end of the day, companies don’t make decisions or purchases. People do. We pay equal attention to ROI and the user experience, working to seamlessly blend science and art into a tailor-made solution.

Creativity through diversity

We’ve worked with over 25% of the Fortune 50, as well as startups and mid-sized organizations. With over 800+ employees worldwide, we’ve got passionate team members with the experience and skills to turn your goals into reality.

Countless threads woven together

Whether observing, experimenting, or testing, we never lose sight of the people at the center of the experience. This focus is how we create innovative technology that’s easy, convenient, and useful.

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Coffee Lovers

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projekt202's Employee Network Groups

One team. 800+ diverse perspectives.


202Queers’ purpose is to cultivate a diverse and active community across projekt202—where LGBTQ+ employees can support and build each other up, collaborate, socialize, and have fun. To create a safe space for that, we are committed to providing an inclusive, friendly, safe, and welcoming environment, regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation, physical appearance, body size, professional experience, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, and other personal attributes or choices.

202Queers champions personal growth and supports diversity and inclusion company-wide through knowledge sharing, educational events, as well as recruitment and retention efforts. We also strengthen projekt202’s connection to the broader community through civic engagement, such as volunteer events and sponsorship.


The AAPI Employee Network Group represents Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across projekt202 brands. Our goal is to provide a safe space to be ourselves and discuss everything from Asian food recipes to the challenges AAPI employees face in our industry—and to create a space that allows us to connect and celebrate one another.

We provide resources for employees of AAPI heritage and sponsorship events that further the appreciation for the contributions of the diverse cultures of Asia.

The Culture

Our Employee Network Group, The Culture, represents African Americans across projekt202. Our goal is to promote a safe space to discuss politics, financial literacy, POC in tech, and day-to-day issues. We educate allies and empower underserved communities.

The Culture also provides mentorship and professional development for underserved communities, including low-income African American students and women in homeless shelters. Our monthly Round-Table webinars provide mentorship for emerging POC in tech, and our Young Entrepreneurs initiative empowers street vendors to explore ways to level up their existing businesses.

Encuentro Latino

We represent the Latino community across projekt202 and the overall technology industry—without walls.

By working with both professional and aspiring Latinos in tech, we improve and strengthen the presence of the Latinx community in the office and in the overall tech community, while also offering a safe space where Latinos can be themselves and speak freely from shared cultural perspectives.

Parents’ Employee Network Group

The Parents’ Employee Network Group represents parents across projekt202 and is dedicated to helping parents be their best at work and home by championing work/life balance. By drawing on our diverse parenting styles, we offer mutual mentorship and support as we work through the struggles of parenting and of balancing family needs and work responsibilities.

Women LEAD

Standing for Women’s Leadership, Education, Advocacy & Development, Women LEAD is our women’s employee networking group. Women LEAD is committed to empowering women through networking and mentoring opportunities, professional development, leadership growth, and a culture of inclusion across all our locations.

Our goals are to connect, support, recognize, and celebrate each other—and to foster an open dialogue about the challenges facing women in our industry.

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We’ve got the industry-specific, regional, and global skills you’ve been looking for.

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