we make innovative software for the world’s greatest brands.

We've spent a decade refining our methodology that combines deep user insight with collaborative design and development to create meaningful user experiences across a broad range of solution types.

Experience Strategy & Design Research

Design Research

Innovation can’t make an impact in the marketplace unless it engages your audience’s interest and fits into their lives. Context is king: how does your new product or version fit? To avoid having your great idea going the way of the dodo, find out. Observe your users and learn about their unspoken circumstances, needs, and desires. Our design researchers start there, and then with proven methods, sift through the observations to reveal what’s valuable: what pleases, delights, and suits your users.

Experience Strategy

An experience strategy provides the direction to design and build an experience that resonates with your audience, based on your business goals. With insights developed through design research, we develop tailored solutions that go beyond best practices. Then we take those solutions back to your users and get meaningful, individual feedback. This is how we start your product on the road to succeeding with your audience.

Get the knowledge you need to build the solutions your users want.

User Experience Design

Interaction Design

We design to connect people with what matters to them. Our design experts transform the research findings & strategy into definitions for how applications will function and workflows for how people will experience your software. We obsess over every detail, from inception through launch.

Visual Design

The visual representation of the user experience refines the affordances created during interaction design. We create a uniquely identifiable and recognizable design by incorporating elements like brand, familiar fonts, and emotions that resonate with your users.

In our world where design determines success, understanding the user is paramount.



Without a solid strategy, technology efforts can run the risk of not only failing, but worse — succeeding at solving the wrong problem. We combine our breadth of industry experience & perspective with focused research and analysis to understand your key drivers before making recommendations.

Enterprise Architecture

Business needs are constantly changing. We build scalable architectures that leverage your existing capabilities, are in line with your strategic goals, and support the wide variety of application types required by modern solutions.


We’ve spent years perfecting the integration of design and development that is crucial to success. We maintain the integrity of design all the way from implementation to testing to deployment.

Our designers and developers build great software experiences that evolve to meet emerging challenges. We tailor our approach to match your strategy and capabilities.

Digital Marketing

Strategic Planning

We've seen fads come and go, so our specialists know how to cut through the clutter to craft and deliver impactful strategies. We work with you to ensure that your digital marketing campaigns align with your business objectives while continuously observing opportunities for innovation and differentiation.

Beyond Optimization

As a design-led software innovator, our differentiator is a heightened understanding of the user. We mix proven digital marketing strategies with the observation of your users in context to create and run organized digital marketing campaigns in the Ecommerce/Retail, Financial Services, Technology, Travel, and Healthcare industries.

Nimble and dynamic, the projekt202 digital marketing team researches, ideates, implements, and optimizes sophisticated web marketing solutions tailored to the specific goals and objectives of each of our clients.