• we make software make sense.

    We collaborate with clients on the design, development, and deployment of software experiences that simplify life, spark innovation, and ultimately make the world a better place.

  • revealing reality

    We observe your users in their “habitats,” whether that’s an office, a home, or a shopping mall. We have a proven methodology that uncovers what drives your users, so we can create innovation that fits their lives.

  • focused innovation

    We put insights into action, developing concepts for innovation based on what we understand about your audience. We create a grounded vision for the product and design principles to guide it through the process of being designed and built.

  • building & evolving

    Our cross-functional team of designers and developers works together to iteratively design, build, test, and validate features that scale and evolve to meet tomorrow's challenges.

  • launch

    Observation doesn't end with the discovery phase. We continuously evaluate the analytics so that we can refine your solution and identify any emerging opportunities for improvement.

“The perspective and processes projekt202 is focusing on and perfecting will, over time, become standard operating procedure for any application development project.” — Gartner